#61 in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings (2021)
#36 in Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings (2021)
#25 in Financial Times European Business Schools Rankings (2021)
#5 in Financial Times MBAs for Entrepreneurship Rankings (2021)
#22 in Financial Times MBAs for Finance Rankings (2021)
#39 in Financial Times MBAs for Women Rankings (2021)
#15 in Forbes International 1-Year MBA Rankings (2021)
#69 in Ivy Exec Global Executive MBA Rankings (2021)
#73 in UoT Dallas Top 100 Business Schools Rankings (2021)
#Tier 1 in CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings (2021)
#1 in CEO Magazine Executive MBA Rankings (2021)

MBA Program #1
  • Program Name
    Executive MBA in Dubai
  • Duration
    2 years Weekend
  • Total Program Cost
  • Enrollment
  • Application Deadline
  • Start Date
    Intake September
  • Minority %
  • GMAT Required?
  • Average GMAT Score
  • Average Work Experience
  • Study Mode
  • Offered Employment within 3 months %
  • Chadi
    November 11, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    Cass, Bayes with its new name, is one of the top-ranked universities in the world and in the region.

    Cass Business School is the ultimate place to receive an executive MBA. The weekend modular format of the program makes it easy to balance work, life, and study.

  • Rowan Cory
    November 11, 2022 at 6:46 pm

    The Executive MBA in Dubai has significantly benefited my career; it has given me both the confidence and opportunity to change industries and countries within six months of receiving my degree.

  • Ayo Orunmuyi
    November 11, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    We were about 40 people in our cohort with more than nine different nationalities, and a very vast representation of industries from oil and gas to consulting, pharma, tech, investment banking, and FMCG. Majority of the modules required team work and were obviously time bound. This helped us to learn very fast how to bond and work through our differences in style; I was then able to replicate this at my workplace. I was also able to leverage the knowledge that I gained from the modules on strategy, analytics, and organization behaviour.

    The international electives in Silicon Valley and Dubai were some of the best electives on offer as part of the Executive MBA in Dubai.

    Juggling work and studies, and striving to be excellent in both created capacity in me. I had to focus on the important stuff and cut off social media. Now that I have completed the Executive MBA in Dubai, I am applying that capacity into valuable investments of time at work and with family.

    Getting the best out of a EMBA requires you to be present. I learned the least when I was trying to be in class and at work at the same time. My advice is this: work while you must work, learn while you must learn. I found out very quickly that trying to do both at the same time meant I did poorly at both. I focused hard at work knowing that when the time came to be present in class, I would be able to focus at school without negatively impacting work. It meant that I had to put in a lot of extra effort in both areas of my life but I believe wholeheartedly that it paid off nicely.

  • Hanine Lteif
    November 11, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    The MBA journey has completely shifted my career. It allowed me to top-up my professional skills as a product manager with a broad knowledge in different business areas.

    This has allowed me to find a new job at a corporate venture builder, only two weeks after my MBA programme completion.

    To new students embarking on this journey, I say, definitely go for it, it is completely worth it!

    Enjoy every second of learning, studying, networking and experimenting because these will allow you to build a more mature version of yourself and will help you deliver a better value in the workplace.

  • Hiba
    November 11, 2022 at 10:46 pm

    What was your study experience like?

    The class had a diverse mix of nationalities, professions, ages, and personalities. This was mostly valuable during group assignments, where the combination of a sales director’s grit, an engineer’s meticulous approach, a marketer’s creativity and a doctor’s critical assessment, meant that as students we were learning to appreciate different ways of thinking.

    Do you have any particular highlights from your time on the programme?

    I have many! The most powerful one, following a stressful exam season, was the realization that I had a competitive drive that was working against me. After reflection, I came to appreciate that the only person I truly wanted to compete against is myself and not others. Another highlight, close to my heart, is the wealth of connections we created as a class.

    Did you take any international electives?

    I took two international electives in the UK. It was enriching to experience the home campus and get to know different people

    Could you outline what you’ve gained from earning an MBA?

    I improved my ability to rationalise holistically, critically assess more objectively, and elevate self and leadership awareness. The network of like-minded people that I gained during the two-year journey is invaluable. So are methodologies and tools that I gained which I can now use in my job, and the exposure to wider topics beyond my core area of expertise.

    What advice would you give to those considering pursuing an MBA?

    Go to class prepared, invest time, build your network, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

  • Khaled
    November 11, 2022 at 10:53 pm

    My study experience was fantastic! I made great friends from various nationalities and professional backgrounds. Every aspect was memorable from Induction until graduation. The programme was flexible with core modules grouped in blocks and a choice of electives that we could take either in Dubai or the home campus in London. The international elective that I went on in South Africa gave me the valuable opportunity to mingle with students from the home campus.

    Could you outline how the EMBA has benefitted you in your career?
    The EMBA has been a wonderful learning experience for me. It was of immense benefit as it enabled me to switch careers and move into entrepreneurship. I am part of a strong alumni network that consists of more than 45,000 professionals who are based around the world and embedded in every sector. Furthermore, as part of the MENA Alumni Chapter, I have launched a sub-group for entrepreneurs which has proven to be very successful. Cass has allowed me to develop in the areas of “what I know and who I know”. Both of these factors are extremely important to be successful.

  • Kumaran
    November 11, 2022 at 10:54 pm

    While my initial intentions were to expand my technical knowledge, the real insight and ‘light-bulb’ moments came from the organisational behaviour, strategy and digital leadership modules – where I developed a new passion for these topics. These courses are all taught by international experts and, more importantly, full-time faculty from Cass Business School in London. As much as one can hope to learn from a stellar faculty, the quality of the Dubai EMBA cohort was equally impressive and allowed me to learn and exchange ideas with a very diverse group of peers.

    My preference for the weekend modular course, which consisted of a four-day class every month was certainly the right decision for me. I still do believe this is the best way to truly immerse yourself in a postgraduate programme without being distracted by work and personal commitments that might arise if one were to opt for an evening course format. Additionally, the weekend format is a great way to build your network on the course during lunch breaks and evening social activities with the cohort.

    For those thinking about the international electives, the range of these on offer is truly fantastic. My only regret is that I didn’t do enough of these. Do as many of these electives as you possibly can – you won’t regret it.

    I chose to do the China international elective, and it was an eye-opening experience. Anyone who wants to do business in China must attend this elective.

    The highlight was meeting senior management from JD.Com at their amazing office. It’s essentially a company that is the Amazon of the Far East with ambitious future plans for East Asia. It was a real eye-opener to see how an Asian company is truly embracing digital technology, having already implemented the active use of aircraft drones for deliveries in China.

    Another key highlight for me was attending a riveting lecture on the Chinese renaissance by leading sinologist, David Gosset. He provided us with an insight into how China approaches the world of international trade and commerce, and more importantly how it differs from what we are generally used to in the West and Middle East

  • Leigh Kennedy
    November 11, 2022 at 10:55 pm

    The EMBA at Cass was a great experience. I was based at the Dubai International Financial Centre for my work, so found it incredibly easy to move between work and the four-day lectures that were being held at the same location. The teaching staff were remarkable, but perhaps the best experience was to be doing the EMBA with such a diverse group of people, both in terms of nationality but also in terms of careers. This significantly enhanced the learning experience as perspectives from government roles, legal, marketing, banking, consulting, sales, and so on, were all provided during lectures and workshops.

    The programme was designed in such a way to suit managers in business. I had a very challenging and time intensive role that required me to be available for the CEO at all times. The programme certainly allowed for me to be able to perform my work to the required level, but also to really dive in to the courses and learn.

  • Mohammad Musleh
    November 11, 2022 at 10:56 pm

    It was a tremendous experience, indeed. The hands-on, practical approach to learning adopted by Cass enabled me to learn how to present ideas in a business setting and improve my communication skills.
    Being able to come to class over a course of four days once a month was extremely helpful to me, in terms of juggling my work responsibilities and social life.

    Students are spoiled for choice with the range of international electives on offer. I attended the China Symposium, which gave me a valuable insight into how business is done in Asia.

    The New Venture Creation elective was another favourite because it inspired me to launch my own business. I launched a boutique consulting company recently called Thinkinova, which specialises in advising businesses on their strategy.

  • Omar Abdul Aziz Bastaki
    November 11, 2022 at 11:13 pm

    During the EMBA program, I learned a lot about myself, my skills and my ability to work with people from completely different professional backgrounds. The group rotations and tight deadlines to submit team projects gave us all a good exposure to what diversity really is. All of us were forced out of our comfort zones. We managed to pull together and work through our differences keeping the one goal we all had in mind – successful completion of the programme. Today, years after graduating, I still reflect on the various lessons I gleaned during my Cass EMBA journey.

    Working on my thesis was an awesome experience; it gave me the chance to work on a project that based on one of my deepest passions in life: sports and youth development in the UAE.

  • Rihab Saab
    November 11, 2022 at 11:14 pm

    I was very intent from day one to equip myself with the needed knowledge and skills to enter the entrepreneurial arena, and my learning experience at Cass helped me achieve this. I was very passionate about my business idea, yet knew that I needed to perform due diligence; to test the viability of my business idea through thorough investigation and assessment of market opportunity, industry potential and consumer demand within the UAE. I wouldn’t have been able to produce a top notch business plan without the insights gained from the New Venture Creation course under Prof Costas Andriopoulos’s mentorship.

  • Ritankar Chatterjee
    November 11, 2022 at 11:15 pm

    I was incredibly impressed by the level of expertise of the academics teaching on the programme, as well as the personalised attention they gave to every student. The professors are approachable for one-to-one discussions not only during the classroom sessions in Dubai, but also remotely through email, phone or Skype, when they are back in the London campus.

    In addition to the classroom lectures, a real source of learning came from the assignments wherein you have to collaborate with other students from diverse careers and backgrounds, and eventually learn how to appreciate their points of view. Group assignments offered a practical guide to working with people from other departments in an organisation, who may sometimes have conflicting objectives.

    What did you gain from the programme?
    The Executive MBA in Dubai was a platform for self-development. Not only did it equip me with technical knowledge, but it also gave me the opportunity to develop my soft skills such as public speaking, teamwork, interpersonal skills – all important attributes for executives. This is what made the degree worthwhile.

    Furthermore, access to the City MENA alumni network opened up plenty of networking opportunities for me.

    What advice would you give to new students of the Executive MBA in Dubai programme?
    Be clear on your objectives of doing the MBA. There will always be distractions resulting from social and professional commitments. However, after completing the classroom sessions and the business mastery project, you will eventually realise the positive impact of the MBA programme, depending on the objective that you set out for yourself.

  • Suzanne Jabari
    November 11, 2022 at 11:16 pm

    Juggling a full time job and an EMBA is no walk in the park. I wish I listened to that inner voice that said put your work away for the duration of the class and pay more attention!

    However, the team at Cass understood our struggles and the professors were at many times patient with the learning curve. Cass gave us the flexibility but it is up to the individual to work on their time management skills.

    The challenges of learning something new was a major highlight for me. These challenges add character, build strength you didn’t know you had, and make you business savvy. Other highlights for me on the programme, include making lifelong friends and learning to embrace diversity with patience.

    The modules have been useful for my startup, especially accounting! The diversity of the cohort was fantastic. We were a large group of students from various backgrounds and experiences – of which friendships and business associations have flourished since.

    I chose to go for a consultancy week in Chile (South America). It was fantastic. This was my first experience to be thrown in a foreign country with a team I had never met, and a task I had never done before. The responsibility of advising our ‘client’ on a real business matter put the DEMBA in perspective. We then later rewarded ourselves with a road trip around beautiful Chile.

    What advice would you give to new students of the Cass Executive MBA programme?

    The journey is not going to be easy, but nothing good in life ever comes easy. Cass prides itself in finding ways to provide support to students, through the admin staff, alumni or events. It is important to reach out and talk to alumni like us because we have been through it. Enjoy the ride, because although it may not feel like it during those exam or assignment preps, the journey goes by so quickly.

  • Vinod Prabhu
    November 11, 2022 at 11:17 pm

    The entire study experience at Cass was extremely enjoyable. The core modules encompassed all aspects of business administration and there were interesting electives to choose from based on my interests. I was spoiled for choice with the number of electives that were offered internationally, in London and Dubai. I attended the entrepreneurship-focused elective in Silicon Valley. It was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We went on tours of several companies that were at different stages of their life cycle, from startups and small VC companies to those that had just gone public and mature corporation.

    My cohort was diverse; in terms of nationalities and profession.

    It just so happened that during my time at Cass, the MBA was ranked first for corporate strategy and fifth for entrepreneurship globally by the Financial Times.

    Could you outline how the EMBA has benefitted you in your career?

    The Cass MBA has equipped with the skills I need to cope with challenges that may arise in my line of work. It has also given me a better understanding of the realities of the business world.

    Thanks to the knowledge and experience I’ve gained on the programme, I have been able to successfully launch my startup which is still in its early stages. Without the MBA, it’s possible that my idea for the startup would have remained just that – an idea.

  • Zeyneb Larabi
    November 11, 2022 at 11:19 pm

    The programme fulfilled my need for intellectual stimulation and helped to broaden my understanding of business. Being part of a relatively diverse and high-calibre cohort which consisted of health professionals, public sector executives and entrepreneurs provided a value added dimension to my experience on the EMBA. I particularly enjoyed the group assignments which allowed me to work and exchange knowledge with people from industries and areas of expertise that were different from mine.

    With so many exciting international electives to choose from, it was difficult taking my pick! I went on the Silicon Valley elective because I was interested in learning about the intersection of strategy, digital technology and innovation. The elective helped me understand transformational patterns and best practices adopted by leading companies. It was, by far, a highlight of my time on the programme.

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