#61 in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings (2021)
#36 in Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings (2021)
#25 in Financial Times European Business Schools Rankings (2021)
#5 in Financial Times MBAs for Entrepreneurship Rankings (2021)
#22 in Financial Times MBAs for Finance Rankings (2021)
#39 in Financial Times MBAs for Women Rankings (2021)
#15 in Forbes International 1-Year MBA Rankings (2021)
#69 in Ivy Exec Global Executive MBA Rankings (2021)
#73 in UoT Dallas Top 100 Business Schools Rankings (2021)
#Tier 1 in CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings (2021)
#1 in CEO Magazine Executive MBA Rankings (2021)

MBA Program #1
  • Program Name
    Full-time MBA
  • Duration
    12 months Full-time
  • Total Program Cost
  • Enrollment
  • Application Deadline
  • Start Date
    Intake September
  • Minority %
  • GMAT Required?
  • Average GMAT Score
  • Average Work Experience
  • Study Mode
  • Offered Employment within 3 months %
MBA Program #3
  • Program Name
    Executive MBA
  • Duration
    24 months Executive
  • Total Program Cost
  • Enrollment
  • Application Deadline
  • Start Date
    Intake September
  • Minority %
  • GMAT Required?
  • Average GMAT Score
  • Average Work Experience
  • Study Mode
  • Offered Employment within 3 months %
MBA Program #2
  • Program Name
    Modular Executive MBA
  • Duration
    24 months Executive
  • Total Program Cost
  • Enrollment
  • Application Deadline
  • Start Date
    Intake March
  • Minority %
  • GMAT Required?
  • Average GMAT Score
  • Average Work Experience
  • Study Mode
  • Offered Employment within 3 months %
  • Albert Malaty
    November 11, 2022 at 11:20 pm

    Ultimately, the aim of the EMBA for me, was to take my career to the next level. So, the Careers and Professional Development Team put me in touch with a careers coach. I worked with her for a few months and she helped me to change my mindset in terms of how I was looking for work and how I could penetrate a different industry where I had not worked before.

    The EMBA at Cass enabled me to take my first step – a double jump – to a new function and industry. I pursued an opportunity that opened up through my MBA network and moved into the tech start up world as a technology consultant and group CTO for an accelerator/incubator backed by a corporate VC.

    Thanks to my experience at Cass, I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with accelerators and incubators and move further into the corporate venture capital side of things.

  • Jessamy Little
    November 11, 2022 at 11:26 pm

    I chose Cass for three reasons: I wanted to reconnect with my roots, make my professional network more international, and gain a more global perspective.

    Firstly, I am British born and grew up half of my life in the UK and the other half in the States. I loved that going to Cass enabled me to spend time with my family in the UK.

    Secondly, I also relished the opportunity to build a professional network that spanned beyond the States. My classmates were from all around the world and had such different backgrounds and experience. These connections and friendships were an invaluable part of my experience, not to mention the incredible Cass alum I have met since graduating at alumni gatherings in NYC.

    Lastly, to gain a more global perspective. Our world is more interconnected than ever, and in order to succeed in business and life I knew it was important to understand cultures and customs of people from all around the world. It is not enough to just read about other ways countries do business/solve problems but to actually work alongside people from these different countries helps to understand what makes people tick, our differences but also our similarities, and how we can work together. It also makes us more agile to cope with the changing economic environment and adapt to personal and professional challenges.

  • Alejandro Leano
    November 11, 2022 at 11:31 pm

    My classmates were diverse, energetic and expressive. During lectures it was refreshing to have input from different students, which depicts their interpretation of a given subject based on their unique professional and cultural backgrounds. I was surprised by the level of maturity of some students despite their young age.

    The learning experience was truly invigorating. Even though I was in sales management for five years after being an engineer and having access to such contrasting worlds, the MBA gave yet another learning perspective that reinstated the importance of seeing the big picture. Classes were taught in two different ways. There was the more traditional method with faculty covering the content through slides and examples, and then leaving it up to us to complete learning in an autonomous way. The other method was in a more interactive manner where we were pushed to be creative and reason from scratch, generating ideas and brainstorming. This was refreshing, and I found that each style was used appropriately depending on the area subject.

    Having grown up in a large city such as Bogota and having lived in smaller towns, I definitely enjoyed living in a big metropolis such as London. Previously, I lived in Paris for five years and even though it’s a city with a plethora of experiences to offer, I found London had so much more to offer. The school’s location definitely has its advantages over schools that are not located in London.

    The Cass MBA programme enabled me to gain confidence on entrepreneurial matters. I was too scared to fail, but now I understand that investors will not take you seriously after it’s your third or fourth failure. It also taught me the intrinsic meaning of many concepts that are commonly used in business but whose true importance is sometimes overlooked. In parallel, it made me understand how complementary subjects such as organizational behavior, human resources and ethics are key in achieving success. Again, these are known stances, but I felt I did not give them enough importance. Overall, having thorough experience in the corporate world, it was of great value interacting with other successful individuals outside of the corporate world and sharing best practices.

  • Aliasgar Inayathusein
    November 11, 2022 at 11:33 pm

    The programme provides all the business skills you need with networking opportunities and personal development, pushing you beyond your comfort zone so that you know what you can achieve.

    I have learnt more about my strengths, building confidence in my own ability and allowing me to influence strategic thinking within organisations at a senior level. It has also opened my eyes to how the transferable skills you acquire can be applied in opportunities across the globe.

    The programme has helped me to advance my career and move to Australia. I am now National Director of Future Transport at Veitch Lister Consulting which has three offices across Australia and provides transport infrastructure and policy development related analytics and advice to national and state government, and other transport bodies. Articulating the learning from my EMBA played a significant role in me being offered this role and has pushed my career to the next level.

    For me the EMBA at Cass ticks all the boxes and provides a brilliant grounding in everything you need to achieve your full potential.

  • Andrew Leal
    November 11, 2022 at 11:36 pm

    As well as the fantastic networking opportunities, the MBA certainly broadens your horizons. The international electives were a personal highlight for me. They enable you to develop a very holistic view of what’s going on in the current global market. I gained some consulting experience in Iceland. I also went to San Francisco to explore Silicon Valley, which gave me a great sense of what true entrepreneurialism looks like. Finally, I got to visit China. I was fascinated by its rising economy, so it was great to experience it first hand and get a feel for the place.

    You learn a lot of soft skills from Bayes. The great thing about the professional development skills training is that it keeps you up to date with current practices. I came from a sales background in negotiations, so the negotiation training gave me a great insight into current developments.

    The MBA at Bayes has given me solid foundation, and helped me build the knowledge and confidence to pursue my goals. My expectations were met – I built up a great network and developed my entrepreneurial skills. In fact, we set-up and launched Waggel, our pet insurance business, immediately after finishing the full-time MBA programme. It’s gaining good traction already. Everything I set out to do when I joined Bayes, the MBA has helped me achieve.

  • Anthony Noun
    November 12, 2022 at 10:03 am

    The programme gave me the confidence and gravitas to go out there and make my dream happen.I handed in my Business Mastery Project (BMP) in September 2017, and launched phase one of the company in October to a group of trusted advisors, enabling us to refine our concept, product, website and messaging.

    We’re currently supported by the City Launch Lab, the university’s incubator for start-ups. We work in an office, shared with 64 other ventures, with 12 months of hot-desk access, ongoing mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities. We have mentors who are excited about what we do and want to help take our new agency forward into a promising future.

  • Artis
    November 12, 2022 at 10:06 am

    The EMBA is a challenging course of study on top of a full-time job. The time between each EMBA weekend flies by and there is a wealth of information for you to grasp. However, the lecturers are engaging and as experts in their fields are able to simplify concepts and make it accessible to someone such as myself, from a non-traditional background. The best part is being able to apply what I have learned immediately at work because of how practical the concepts are.

  • Ash Athawale
    November 12, 2022 at 10:07 am

    The Cass MBA programme, living and studying in the “square mile” in the heart of the financial district in London, was absolutely fantastic. The professors, the experience of working in a dynamic and progressive environment accelerated the learning. The knowledge that I gained in class and from my cohort was world-class. The friendships that I built then are still on going after 2 decades. Now being part of University of London network, that network has grown significantly. I visited Cass last year after 20 years and the welcome was phenomenal.

  • Balazs Kaposi
    November 12, 2022 at 10:11 am

    Before I joined the Cass Executive MBA, I was working at a global media agency and I was at a point in my career where I had gained a decent amount of experience, but had not specialised in a particular area. The media industry requires a very flexible mind-set and skillset to deal with any new situation; more and more the importance is on soft skills as technologies are evolving on a daily basis.

    When looking for a programme, location was very important to my family and me and I was looking for a school with a diverse offering where I could meet people from all industries and different backgrounds. I wanted to understand what was happening in other sectors and what challenges they were facing.

    The intellectual challenge of returning to education was very refreshing compared to the concerns of the corporate world, but the time requirement cannot be underestimated. I wanted to get the most out of the programme but this meant that most of my evenings and weekends were spent at the school. The support and understanding from family was indispensable. Although, due to the time pressures, I found myself being more efficient at work. The Executive MBA experience showed me how much more capable I am when under pressure.

    Working with the professional development team supported me in developing my soft skills, which were transferable into my work such as team management, leadership and understanding team member’s motivations. I was also able to develop my presentation and negotiation skills that helped to boost my confidence.

    All of the modules contributed to building a rounded view of business. In the second year, I chose electives that added to my long-term professional goals such as management and strategy. I also took the time to take electives which I found interesting, even if they were very different to my profession, such as private equity and investment management.

    Even though I’m not a finance professional, the Executive MBA showed me how the thinking, approaches, frameworks used in finance and other sectors can be transferred to my profession. I actually applied strategy and investment management frameworks in my company which was also a good intellectual challenge. The elective “Managing Professional Services Firms” was a stand out due to applying the learnings from law firms, consultancies and auditors to the media industry. It allowed me to understand how my company and industry is managed from a different perspective.

    I used the Business Mastery Project to raise my profile within the company by addressing a corporate challenge on securing more clients. I was able to interview and have facetime with very senior members of the company and establish strong relationships. Without the BMP, it would have taken me much more time and I don’t believe I would have established as solid connections.

    The Cass Executive MBA helped me understand that my career is my responsibility. Before I was naïve and did not have a clear plan of my goals or have to achieve them. Since finishing I feel that I`m in control with a plan on how to reach my goals. I have moved company and I`m now heading a department of 20+ people, reporting to the global board and am a respected member of the management team – none of which could have been achieved without the confidence I gained at Cass.

  • Carolina Ferreria Seixas
    November 12, 2022 at 10:12 am

    My highlight of the programme was the international business experience I gained during the electives in Dubai, Cuba and the consulting week in Iceland. We travelled as a varied group – all from different professional backgrounds – so we were able to share very different views on the same experience. My choice of electives allowed me to work in two very different geographies and economies – it was truly enlightening.

    The professional development workshops I took were great, particularly the presentation skills course, which I was able to apply to my professional life, and the leadership training at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, which provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience officer-level training.

    For my Business Mastery Project (BMP), I chose to do a consulting project with a construction company. Many of my classmates used the experience of the final project to immerse themselves in an industry they were looking to move into and went on to get jobs as a result of their projects. Similarly, for me, the BMP provided a strong indication of my capabilities as a consultant and acted as a springboard for my next career step.

  • Chelsea McAnally
    November 12, 2022 at 10:13 am

    I looked at a lot of different schools. Most reputable schools in the US only offer two-year programmes. However, I didn’t want to take two years away from work. So, I started looking abroad. What I appreciated about the Business School was the fact that the MBA is condensed into one year. In addition, the layout of the core classes and focus on the explorer mindset really allows you to take control of your learning experience. I knew straight away that this was where I wanted to be.

    Having spent several years in the workplace, I had been out of the study environment for a while. For me, it required a completely different mindset, and I dedicated myself fully to the learning experience.

    I particularly enjoyed the strategy module as it frames things in a new light. It is something that has stayed with me – from problem solving to evaluations, even today, I’m thinking about things and approaching them in a way that I had not done before.

    The electives give you the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the things that you’re really interested in, which for me was the marketing and management modules.

    The Business Mastery Project (BMP) helps you explore interesting avenues and take away a really unique piece of research that you can then translate to your career. My BMP focused on creating metrics for internal communications, which has absolutely helped my career path, as it is an approach that is rarely used in my industry.

    The Careers Team really help you to navigate your career. They helped me to put together a meaningful CV, provided mock interview sessions and provided invaluable advice and guidance on how I should approach getting the kind of roles I wanted.

    Immediately after I finished, I moved back to the US. I had always kept in touch with American Airlines during the process of the MBA and post-MBA. They were looking to start rebuilding some positions, so, I had the opportunity to take a brand-new role with them. I’m now Global Leadership Communications Manager, responsible for communicating with frontline leaders across the network.

    The MBA had a big impact on my career progression. It enabled me to secure a more senior, global role at a higher level and higher salary. It was the most incredible experience. Personally and professionally, I think it was the best decision I have ever made.

  • Clarissa Krumenauer
    November 12, 2022 at 10:14 am

    Within three months of starting the program, I secured the role I was looking for, working as a Partnership Manager for Norgine Pharmaceuticals.

    Professionally, the EMBA at Bayes has made me more confident, more competitive and a more attractive prospect for companies – not only in Pharma but in other sectors as well. Personally, it has been a unique experience. I’ve met some wonderful people and expanded my network far beyond my own industry. Of course, It was a challenge, but if you plan and organize your personal life and work life, you can do it.

  • Damon Mogridge
    November 12, 2022 at 10:16 am

    The trek delivered a rich and rewarding experience on many levels – having a love for the outdoors myself it was a great way to connect with the forests of northern Vietnam, while meeting a enthusiastic and thoroughly interesting group of current Cass students and alumni.

    Our guides, Dr Rodrigo Jordan and Gabriel Becker, both have a passion for the mountains. Their calm and controlled manner made the group feel at ease and safe under their direction. Having the opportunity to interact with seasoned mountaineers and leadership experts was invaluable and allowed us to observe how they operated and managed the team environment, quickly building trust and a respect for their knowledge and expertise. Having good kit and being prepared for the weather and sleeping conditions was certainly an area many of us took away from the experience…

    Through a combination of pre-activity engagement exercises, and after action reviews, key learnings were consciously embedded via the experiential leadership model. Group reflection such as “What are we trying to achieve?’, ‘What are the team’s strengths?”, “What could we improve as a team?” “Would you be part of this team again?” solidified group learning while focussing us on a shared vision and goal – to reach the summit of Mt Fansipan!

  • Danielle McIver
    November 12, 2022 at 10:18 am

    There were definite times of burnout where I had taken on too much between the MBA, my career and a property renovation, but overall I thrived on the fast-pace of the two years and learnt a lot about myself.

    I am very grateful to our course director who was supportive through some of the harder times and was a great mentor.

    The friendships and allegiances formed in the cohort also made it impossible to dwell for more than a minute. It was hard work but I wouldn’t change anything as I learnt so much on the journey. The spectrum of topics in the first year provided a very holistic grounding for understanding a global business model.

    The strategy modules in particular gave me a solid base to pursue a new growth strategy in my company and latterly present a strategic case which helped secured a new role. The negotiation and presentation workshops as part of the professional development modules were also impactful.

    In year two I originally focussed on finance modules being an accountant and working in finance.

    However, I discovered that I had an entrepreneurial passion and pursed a sustainable fashion startup as my final project, which I couldn’t have imagined at the start of my MBA journey!

    The negotiation, presentation and media workshops held as part of our professional development modules were challenging and I had some instant new skills to take back to my career. Our skills were tested in a safe environment with additional tools being rolled out to us in live situations.

    These workshops were some of my favourite and most valuable throughout the programme.

  • Dare Adegunle
    November 12, 2022 at 10:21 am

    The teaching at Bayes encourages you to think deeply about how a business can be improved. This principle never leaves you – it’s a theme running through the programme and, over time, it becomes second nature.

    Today, I tell everyone who cares to listen that you cannot experience the Cass MBA and come out of it the same person. Back in the day, I used to see restaurants, websites, buildings… but now I see businesses. I am thinking about their profitability, whether their revenue is seasonal and weighing up a host of other considerations.

    My MBA experience revolutionised the way I think. But even though Cass may transform the way you think about business, you will never feel pressure to be anything but yourself. I had tried several times to switch industries before my MBA but had no luck. Afterwards, however, I knew I had the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the change, and I am now the Business-to-Business Lead for Unilever Nigeria.

    My time at Bayes was rich in learning, diversity and friendships – it was definitely one of the best years of my life.

  • David Aobadia
    November 12, 2022 at 10:26 am

    In a much more substantial way than I was expecting. I have met many friends for life and learned a lot while also enjoying the experience.

    The investment I made in myself is paying dividends in many ways. I co-founded two boutique consultancies for startups and SMEs in both the UK and France that I currently manage.

    We are the only ones specialised in ‘Flash’ consulting which aims to accomplish what the companies have been putting off for months or even years, to provide them with concrete and rapid answers to their strategic and operational challenges and to establish a short and medium-term action plan to formalise and rethink their objectives.

    We offer corporate and business strategy, marketing strategy and management, and financial management and modelling.

    Having embarked on the MBA journey, I now have friends for life and access to a network of 50,000 alumni around the world I can reach out to if I need advice, an introduction or even do business with. On many occasions I reached out and got the help I needed, in many others I also responded and helped out.

    The help of the Careers and Professional Development team has come through many important ways: from listening and making me reflect on the possible outcomes that I could undertake to further my career, to advising me on which workshops I should partake in to develop my soft skills and to hosting great mixers.

    I guess I had underestimated the importance of the workshops and how they helped me grow personally and professionally. Some that I would recommend are Executive Presence, the How To Take Charge Of Your Career Weekend or Team Transition and Transformation.

  • David Villa-Clarke BEM
    November 12, 2022 at 10:28 am

    Looking back, the two years were an emotional, challenging, inspirational and rewarding journey. I learnt to test myself, and discovered that you don’t know what you are capable of until you put yourself through it. It’s a cliché but true. At one point, around the time of the Business Mastery Project, I had so much going on professionally that I seriously considered deferring for a year. However, one of my professors encouraged me to push on, which I did, achieving a distinction for my Business Mastery Project.

    Ultimately, the programme has given me the confidence to set up by myself. Now, I run my own business consultancy and have established a financial advice practice, called DVC Wealth Management. Through my consultancy work, I’ve been made CEO for the Aleto Foundation, working with students and helping them to move into leadership positions.

    Having achieved an EMBA has given me an enormous amount professionally and personally. I worked with some wonderful people and made life-long friends. What’s more, I received a BEM Medal in the New Year’s Honours list, and later discovered the person who recommended me was a classmate on the programme.

    The Executive MBA will give you the tools to do whatever you set out to do – for me it’s been life changing.

  • Dmitry Sambuk
    November 12, 2022 at 10:30 am

    I found the Careers and Professional Development team to be helpful from the outset with lots of advice and guidance on further career development. I think that the Executive Presence workshops were useful and very thought provoking.

    I also found Media Presence and Public Speaking skills gained during my MBA very useful and practical in my work life today.

    What advice would you give to any prospective Executive MBA candidates?
    It’s a great learning experience but you have to be prepared for it to avoid any extra stress along the way – so, time-management and work-study-life balance are the key components to successful and enriching process of MBA. (And maybe try not to have babies while doing the MBA!).

  • Edward Vaughan Dixon
    November 12, 2022 at 10:31 am

    The Executive MBA accelerated my career progression rapidly. Initially it enabled me to secure a position as Sustainability Manager at Landsec before I had even officially started the programme.

    The fact I was enrolled on to the Executive MBA at Bayes Business School attracted their attention and helped to open doors.

    Over the four years since graduation, I worked my way up to Sustainability Director in my previous company then made the move to asset management.

    Today I am Head of ESG at Aviva Investors, and I’m responsible for overseeing sustainable investment for a £50bn real assets platform.

    The Executive MBA was pivotal to achieving this as to get into financial services you really need CFA or MBA. But it also gave me the frameworks and perspective I needed.

    Frameworks are useful short cuts which you pick up throughout the MBA which help you think about solving problems, and you gain perspective through the sheer breadth of the course content.

    There is no way I would have been even invited to an interview at Aviva Investors without the MBA but once I was through the door it gave me the confidence and qualities I needed to secure the role.

    I’ve never looked back since and am very happy in financial services, so I’ll always be grateful to Bayes for the quality of the course and the staff which helped me to get to where I am today.

  • Elizaveta Makhluf
    November 12, 2022 at 10:33 am

    Every day I apply something that I learnt during the MBA at Bayes – be it analysing information from various sources to completing marketing intelligence research, making a data-driven business decision, or leading a presentation to engage stakeholders.

    I know I could not have gotten where I am today without the MBA degree – or, it would have taken me several years at least.

    It was an absolute delight to study in such an international and diverse cohort, consisting of like-minded enthusiasts united by one single purpose – learn, explore, improve, and bring the best they can to the world of today.

    MBA is a one-of-a-kind experience, an opportunity to develop yourself at speed and build professional connections and lifelong friendships. I feel extremely proud and happy that I made this choice to pursue an MBA degree from Bayes Business School.

  • Elles van den Berg
    November 12, 2022 at 10:35 am

    The personal development workshops that I attended were extremely beneficial. For example, I followed a workshop about interview styles and techniques and how to promote myself and feel confident. Also, I had a personal coach assigned to me, which was great. It led to a more in-depth conversation about me as a person and what I wanted to achieve, and that gave me a lot of confidence about my abilities and the direction I wanted to take.

    In the last few months of the programme, I interviewed around twenty Cass alumni as part of my research for the Business Mastery Project. It was an amazing opportunity to network with HR experts and allowed me to demonstrate my understanding of the industry. One of the alum I interviewed, subsequently offered me a HR role in a tech company located nearby to the Cass campus. I worked there for a year and gained invaluable experience before going back to the Netherlands. When I look back at it now, I realise it was the stepping stone to my new career path in HR.

  • Felipe Diaz
    November 12, 2022 at 10:37 am

    The MBA has had a huge impact on my career progression. First, it enabled me to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to launch myself as a consultant – something I hadn’t considered before starting the MBA.

    Today, I’m working as a consultant for global energy provider Enel. So, the MBA has enabled me to secure a senior role, with global responsibilities. In addition, the experience gave me the motivation to start my own company. I am now co-founder of Wisetechs, a digital development company.

    Already, we have several contracts signed. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will grow over the coming years and very happy to have this chance to build something of my own.

  • Fredrik Ahlström
    November 12, 2022 at 10:39 am

    Before I pursued the Modular Executive MBA (MEMBA), I lived in Sweden and worked in the telecommunications industry. I originally joined Siemens Enterprise Communications as a consultant and had progressed to head up the Swedish service function. Due to my own aspirations and career goals I wanted a wider role that would set a starting point for my international career. I managed to secure an internal transfer, relocation to London and the opportunity to undertake an Executive MBA.

    When it came to narrowing down my choices, I knew that I had to maintain my work responsibilities while studying. I was intrigued by Cass’ Modular approach, being taught part time over a long weekend once month, as this worked well for me from a work, as well as personal, perspective. Cass’ international profile, high global rankings and academic standards were also deciding factors.

    I did not know what to expect when returning to the academic tenure, after being in a professional work life for many years. Even though I was well prepared for the intensity and long hours, it was how quickly we bonded as a cohort that made the transition easier and created some great memories.

    The key academic learnings from the programme were acquired through lessons, assignments and group exercises. However, my greatest learnings came from the cohort as we continually challenged each other for personal self-development and further self-insights. This growth can only be attained by experiencing a supportive and collaborative environment. When it came to implementing the academic learnings, we leveraged each other’s skills which made the total Executive MBA experience even better.

    My academic ambitions, as well as expectations, were set very high when I enrolled in the Modular Executive MBA. Astute faculty, who are a mix of knowledgeable industry experts and high-profile professors did not let me down. I feel Cass has a good mix of practical and theoretical bodies which creates the foundation for excelled learning and real-life applications of thought theories.

    The modules I appreciated the most were in finance and strategy; areas we were pushed to explore further during our international consultancy week in Vietnam and the elective in China. The international experiences also created opportunities to be exposed to new cultures, different business values and ways of conducting business. It was truly enlightening and good preparation for becoming a more global citizen and for an international career path.

    The MEMBA, first and foremost, provided me with a solid knowledge base to build on. It also gave me the confidence to pursue my next career goals and has actually led me onto new roles and opportunities. Today I head up our service function in UK/I as well as Business Operations and Transformation and am part of the global Atos CCS leadership team.

    My own personal development is something I reflect upon regularly; the MEMBA gave me the needed insights, tools and the opportunity to grow as a leader, to gain a profound knowledge base and capability to excel even further. This is only the start of the journey.

  • Gareth Evans
    November 12, 2022 at 10:41 am

    I would say that taking the EMBA is the best decision I’ve made in my career. Professionally, it gave me exposure to a vast array of different processes and areas that I don’t think I would have attained otherwise. It also enabled me to connect with high-quality people that made me up my game.

    The day I handed in my Business Mastery Project, my company changed my role, so I achieved my aim of getting out of sales on the very day I finished the programme, a brilliant return on my investment.

    I came away feeling more confident in my own capabilities than I ever had before, which then gave me the boost to launch my own business on the back of the work I was doing three months later. By the time I graduated in January I was working for myself.

    Now I am Founder and director of Eastbound, a management consulting company. We operate mainly London, but are about to embark on some up-and-coming projects around the country. The programme has helped me to fulfil everything that I wanted and so much more.

  • Greg Fincke
    November 12, 2022 at 10:42 am

    Overall, the programme was first rate. I’d recommend Cass to anybody looking to pursue an MBA – both from the quality of the teaching to the experiences that I was able to have by spending a year in London and its close proximity to Europe. The ability to take the train to Paris while you’re studying is also not to be taken for granted! I got to travel, meet some exciting people, and forge really meaningful and deep friendships during my time at Cass. As a holistic experience, it was one of the best years of my life.

    Without the programme, the door would never have been opened for me to make my career jump. I was hired directly by Equiteq at the end of the programme. I am now Managing Director and have moved back to the USA with our current CEO to set up our New York office, which we are now growing. My professional success is directly attributed to my decision to attend Cass and my ability to make the most of that opportunity.

  • Hamish Maxwell
    November 12, 2022 at 10:42 am

    Before the MBA, my network was quite limited. After starting the programme, I decided to make the most of the existing Cass network and met with people that had graduated, and now work in London, to learn about finance, economics and the industry. It helped me to work out what I wanted to do. The MBA started in September, and by November, I knew that I wanted to work in asset management. From that point, the MBA took on the role of helping me prepare for my new career.

    I had written a list of the companies that I was interested in working for and, with the help of the network, narrowed my list down by December, understanding more about the different cultures and organisational structures of the places on my list.

    Once I had decided on where to apply, the careers team were extremely helpful, particularly during the application process for my first role in asset management. Initially they helped me draft my CV and refine my application. Once the application had gone through successfully, they helped me with several mock interviews.

    By March, I had done my first interview. By April, I had my second interview and was offered the position, which I accepted – all in time before completing my MBA.

    The MBA gave me real confidence in my ability to understand business issues and apply them in a practical environment. It was a very worthwhile experience. It helped in every way I hoped it would. Professionally speaking, one of the life-changing things for me is that it ensured that I got into the right career straight away.

  • Han Du
    November 12, 2022 at 10:43 am

    For my Business Mastery Project, I worked with a fund manager and we established a good personal relationship. He introduced me to many important and exclusive conferences in London. These are not usually open to students – only company representatives in the investment area – so it was a unique and particularly valuable experience.

    It was through the excellent networking opportunities at Cass and its central London location that I was able to secure my new role – situated right next to the campus. I am now working at FTI Consulting London, as a consultant within the economics and financial consultancy department, in a specialised area of financial services. Also, I was fortunate the company arranged a Tier 2 visa to allow me to stay in London.

    I strongly feel the programme empowered me to fulfil my goal and move into financial consultancy with a firm in a different in a country.

  • Harold Okwa
    November 12, 2022 at 10:45 am

    Cass was a life-changing experience for me. I learned so much in such a short period. I would recommend it to professionals who are looking to step out of the crowd and stretch themselves.

  • Helen Watts
    November 12, 2022 at 10:57 am

    Before I joined the Cass Full-time MBA programme, I was working as a research analyst in Oxford. My partner and I had decided to move back to London for personal reasons and I had to consider my next career step carefully. During my time as a research analyst, I had become very interested in companies’ strategies, particularly regarding international expansion. I wanted to learn more about strategy and business as a whole, therefore an MBA seemed like the best choice.

    I’d heard nothing but good things about Cass. Several of my ex-colleagues had been there and had hugely benefited from the experience. I also liked that it was a one-year programme, located in the centre of London and that strategy was the school’s strength. I decided to attend a recruitment event and was impressed by how welcoming the staff were, the expertise of the faculty and the size of the facilities.

    During the programme, I particularly enjoyed the strategy module, where I learnt the foundations of strategy and used this to discuss global companies in more detail. I was able to put this new knowledge into practice during the Strategy project, where my group and I advised an external company.

    Organisational Behaviour was another module which provoked a lot of discussion – it focused on how firms create culture at work, different types of leadership styles etc. It was interesting to hear my cohort’s experiences, particularly regarding differences between countries and industries. I am now very aware of culture at work and it was a major factor in accepting my post-MBA job.

    The Achieving Your Potential weekend, a leadership course at Sandhurst, was hugely challenging but a great learning experience. It taught me that everyone has a slightly different leadership style and how to make the most of your own natural attributes. We also did presentation courses and even the cohort’s most reluctant public speakers were presenting confidently by the end of the year, as there were plenty of opportunities to practice.

    I had always wanted to travel to Cuba and when the MBA offered a week-long elective there, I jumped at the opportunity. I had access to places and speakers that otherwise would have been impossible to arrange – this included the Ministry of Tourism, journalists, ex-diplomats, entrepreneurs and a private tour of a cigar factory. I examined the country through the lens of sustainability and how the boom of the tourism industry was affecting the social and environmental situation. It was an unforgettable week in a fascinating country.

    The Careers and Professional Development team played an important part in preparing me for interviews and supporting my job applications. Practice interviews and the subsequent feedback straight afterwards were particularly useful – better to make mistakes in a practice interview than the real thing!

    I have since got a job through the Cass network at a Global Media Group as a Data Manager. We sit within the Strategy Development Team, so I am able to further build on my strategy knowledge. I also often draw upon the leadership skills developed during the MBA as I currently manage two people.

    I made some friends for life during the MBA and those of us based in London try to meet up every month or so. A large group of us recently flew out to Greece for an MBA friend’s wedding and it was great to catch up with everyone.

    The MBA has made me think about business in a more analytical way and I am able to see how the different components of a company interact to grow business. Not only that, it has made me think differently as a consumer too.

  • Hiro Shimano
    November 12, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Before I joined the Cass Modular Executive MBA, I had been working as a senior exploration geologist for JX Nippon, the largest petroleum company in Japan. I was made technical team leader of a new venture in London in 2011, two months after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in my home country.

    I chose Cass for two reasons. Firstly, my manager recommended that I undertake a course in a convenient location that would enable me to balance my studies with my work commitments and family life. Cass is located only 100 metres from my office. Secondly, I was attracted by the cultural diversity. At my interview, I discovered that there are students from more than 30 nationalities on the MBA programmes.

    To be honest, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve by undertaking the MEMBA, but I knew that I wanted to be something more than a geologist. I wanted a new challenge that would keep me engaged and focused on my career in the years ahead. Also, the 2011 disaster in Japan had sharpened my appetite to learn about organisational risk management and the global energy issues connected to climate change.

    Although I dived enthusiastically into my MEMBA journey, I was not entirely confident that I would complete my studies. Having come from a science background, I was concerned that I might lack the fundamental finance and accounting knowledge I would need to succeed. But my classmates helped me to overcome my anxiety and I quickly realised that I would be too busy studying, working and living my life to waste precious time and energy worrying. I found myself studying in a supportive atmosphere, with classmates from a variety of industries and cultural backgrounds.

    The MEMBA enabled me to analyse complex situations systematically and to present my solutions clearly. Learning ‘hard’ skills such as finance and accounting gave me a fresh perspective on internal business issues, while ‘soft’ skills such as organisational behaviour and strategic thinking revealed the issues behind the numbers.

    Colleagues have since told me that the MEMBA helped me to analyse issues from several angles and to see the bigger picture. Close friends mentioned that I became more patient and a better listener than I was before I joined the programme.

    In year two, I took the international elective in Dubai. Having never had the opportunity to learn about Islamic culture and business practices, it was good to develop a better understanding of the region. Although my Dubai experience increased my interest in the Middle East, I didn’t expect to get the chance to work in the region.

    Before I came to Cass, I didn’t have a wide professional network that extended outside Japan and included different industries. Today, I have a broader business perspective and an international network of professional contacts.

    Though I still work for the same employer, my career has changed dramatically. After the programme. I have had several opportunities to undertake important projects for my company. I am now a Deputy General Manager at JX Nippon and I am based in Abu Dhabi. The MEMBA made me more confident in my own abilities and more aware of my limitations, encouraging me to develop the leadership skills needed to play a more strategic role within my company.

    My Cass experience transformed me from a geologist into a manager, giving me a clearer view of my own career path and equipping me to contribute to the creation of a long-term vision for the business.

  • Johnny Grave
    November 12, 2022 at 11:01 am

    The quality of the teaching was first class. One of the things that appealed to me at Cass was the fact you spend a lot of time working as part of a team. There are very few jobs where you work solely as an individual. So, working with lots of different people – dealing with different team dynamics and skill sets – and bringing them all together for a project, was probably one of the greatest things I learned from my time there.

    The international electives were really valuable. I went to Chile at the end of my first year, consulting for a local company. It’s a great way to apply the theory in a real-life situation, where you pull together everything you’ve learned in your first year to fulfil a project in a fairly short space of time.

    The Dubai elective was also fantastic. I got to spend time with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and meet so many senior executives at major companies. It was fascinating to find out more about the region and listen to business leaders talk about their companies and strategies.

  • Julian Marin Rojas
    November 12, 2022 at 11:03 am

    Before joining Cass, I was working in Chile as a Business Manager for Toyotomi, a leading importer and distributor of heating equipment and one of the top players in the country’s home appliances industry.

    The Cass Full-time MBA promised a unique balance between the development of hard and soft skills. Indeed, it was the soft skills aspect that attracted me most. As an engineer, I was deeply involved in numbers, statistics and analytics. However, I was eager to explore in much more depth softer skills like presentation, leadership and storytelling.

    In that sense, Cass exceeded my expectations with top-notch workshops, seminars and lectures. Moreover, the content of the course and the faculty tasked with delivering it combined to change the way in which students like myself understand and address unfamiliar challenges. The softer skills I acquired during the course have been a major asset in my current business, and ultimately enabled me to become an entrepreneur.

    For me, the Strategy Project was the most important element of the programme, as it offered a priceless opportunity to explore and apply what we had learnt within a real company. Experiencing a genuine consultancy project made me realise that I could help more companies to face their challenges, which is part of what I do now as an independent business consultant. Also, the focus and guidance of my professors helped me to develop a much more organised and results-focused value proposition for my clients in Chile.

    One the key areas I wanted to explore and develop was entrepreneurship, so I selected electives that would give me new skills and the knowledge to build a business from the start. To bolster my existing strengths, I took electives in the areas of storytelling and advertising, which gave me a much deeper understanding of these valuable topics.

    I found the international electives to be a vital part of the programme. In my case, the experience in Israel and Palestine not only broadened my business view, but also provided a unique personal experience. Seeing how people can achieve so much with so little was an inspiring experience for an aspiring entrepreneur.

    Today, I run my own business – 6 Degrees – as a consultant, focusing on international business and local companies wanting to grow, improve their operations and develop new business models or ranges of products.

    Cass was a key factor in taking this decision. During the MBA, I realised that consulting was very attractive to me, especially when it comes to tackling new challenges in a structured way. Subjects like strategy and operations management gave me the knowledge and skills to address the challenges faced by my clients.

    Looking back, my year at Cass – from the programme, staff and London location to the bonds built with my classmates – was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I will never forget my time in London and how it changed me.

  • Justine Goldzahl
    November 12, 2022 at 11:05 am

    I did my Business Mastery Project (BMP) at fund management company, Innvotec, on the energy storage market as part of the due diligence for a start-up, alongside three other MBA peers Claire Angus, Nawaf Droubi, and Sumedh Lalge.

    However, the BMP became a stepping stone to the next stage of my career. Due to my passion for female entrepreneurs and the gender investment gap, Innvotec were working on a project which was related to both topics and so I was invited to convert my BMP into a full-time role.

    This year, Innvotec has welcomed its second MBA cohort with Full-time MBA student Purvee Hetamsaria with a BMP on ESG and Full-time MBA student Jorge Atton with a BMP on deal and data flow.

    I am now a Senior Associate Fund Manager, working on a fund creation project that aims to change the venture capital landscape in the UK. The fund will be targeting female-led and female-focussed scale up businesses.

    The MBA helped me through the process of changing career, enabled me to upskill and transfer skill sets into a different ecosystem and helped me to fulfil my career ambitions.

  • Kathleen Edmondson
    November 12, 2022 at 11:13 am

    Prior to joining the Cass Full-time MBA, I worked as an Account Manager at Citizen Relations, an international public relations agency in Toronto, Canada. I chose Cass not only because it’s a top school in the UK, but also because I was attracted to the intensive, one-year programme.

    When I enrolled, my goal was to remain in the media and marketing field in which I already worked, but to arm myself with the academic training to match my work experience. My education background was arts-focused, so I felt a business degree would serve me well throughout my career.

    Returning to the academic environment after being in the workplace for several years can seem daunting. However, in the first few orientation days at Cass, when you discover how intense the programme is going to be, you quickly learn to bond with your cohort, how to support one another and to identify the strengths that will benefit you and the group.

    For the International Consultancy Week, we went to Reykjavik, Iceland, and my team worked with RoRo, a company that creates sleep companions for infants. The two founders of the company were looking to expand their business into the US market and wanted a marketing strategy that would enable them to achieve that goal.

    The project was an eye-opening experience that gave us the opportunity to see at first hand some of the challenges faced by businesses in emerging markets. It was incredibly rewarding to provide a growing organisation with solutions that would directly impact them and hopefully bring them to the next stage of their business growth.

    For my Business Mastery Project (BMP), I worked with Gentlemen’s Tonic, a luxury men’s grooming and beauty brand located in Mayfair. Over the course of six to seven months, I worked closely with their head of operations to understand their business and the challenges they were facing, and to ultimately provide them with an in-depth marketing strategy that would hopefully increase their market share and revenue.

    This project allowed me to apply a number of topics and theories from the MBA programme and, coupled with my experience in the media field, it felt like a perfect fit. I was not only able to benefit the company, but also to apply and refine all the knowledge and experience that I had acquired to date.

    The Careers and Professional Development team was incredibly helpful throughout my Cass experience. I used the team on various occasions, including CV review and feedback as well as interview preparation. They set me up with Gentlemen’s Tonic and arranged interviews with various companies for a job post-MBA.

    I am now a Strategic Project Director at Group SJR, a content marketing agency that is part of the WPP family. Looking back, it’s clear that the strategy themes and topics woven throughout the MBA programme have had a major impact on my professional life, as strategic thinking is now fundamental to the decisions I make on a daily basis.

  • Keshiv Prabhakar
    November 12, 2022 at 11:22 am

    During the EMBA you reflect a lot and think about where your career is going to go. After the first year, I looked for assurances from my employer on how my role could evolve. I realised that it wasn’t going to happen. So, I reached out to the Careers and Professional Development Team. They helped me look at where I might take my career. They also put me in touch with a coach who helped me look at how I might approach a career change.

    As a direct result of the EMBA, within six months of meeting the team and the coach, I secured a new role at JLL, a global real estate professional services company. The day after I handed in my dissertation, I started my new job! I’m now an Associate Director and lead the Occupier Cost Management team.

    I’ve got so much out of the EMBA. It’s given me a new career and access to alumni and contacts that have become lifelong friends. I have no regrets, it was by far the best career decision I’ve made in my life.

  • Koby Cohen
    November 12, 2022 at 11:23 am

    Before joining the Cass Full-time MBA, I was a Major in the Israel Defence Forces’ Engineering Corps, spending nine years in front-line units as a platoon commander and, later, a company commander.

    As much as I enjoyed my military service, I wanted to advance my career and increase the options available to me. I was especially keen to develop my leadership and management skills so that I would be able to make an impact in the business world. Most of all, I wanted to build my own business.

    The Cass programme was ideally suited to my needs. I was drawn to the one-year intensive course, the London location, and the opportunity to bridge knowledge gaps while gaining a diverse perspective on business and management. As I prepared to embark on a journey towards new professional horizons and heights, my expectations were high.

    I was immediately struck by the intensity of the MBA programme. I had heard about this from Cass alumni, but it was only when I started to plan my schedule and prioritise my weekly tasks that I realised how demanding my studies would be. That said, if I had questions or needed advice, the faculty were both engaging and accessible – some of them even kept in touch post-graduation, to follow up with my professional progress.

    Thanks to my previous career, I was sure that I didn’t have a lot to learn about teamwork. I was wrong. My study group contained a mix of students with diverse industry backgrounds and varying professional experiences. Being surrounded by so many different cultures and nationalities was a new and very enjoyable learning experience.

    The core modules in the early part of the programme introduced me to fundamental business concepts and helped me to translate my military experience into business terms. For me, the international electives were the pinnacle of the MBA, and the catalyst for my career transformation. Experiential learning is an integral part of the programme as a whole, and the opportunities we had as students to travel abroad and witness the practical application of many of the business theories and models we were discussing in class proved truly inspirational.

    In fact, the international electives sparked the idea for my first business in the UK. Being able to choose electives in countries like China, India and the US can dramatically change the way MBA students – the business leaders of the future – understand and interact with the global community, so why not increase the range of options and experiences available to them?

    I devised a business plan to design and deliver intellectually, logistically and culturally challenging international programmes to Israel and Palestine. Four years later, Omnia Discovery operates in 12 countries around the world, bringing to life the most advanced business theories and curriculums through experiential learning, and helping business schools create the most memorable moments for their students.

    Not only am I still in touch with many of my classmates, I’m doing business with some of them today. A year after I established Omnia Discovery, I co-founded Norse, an award-winning men’s lifestyle brand that was created with a friend I met during my MBA. I also co-founded Tekton International, a real estate development company based in London, with another Cass MBA student. The company is mostly developing new builds and conversions of residential properties.

    These businesses started as conversations over coffee, during long nights of studying together for exams or in networking events organised by the School. Without Cass, my ideas would not have become reality.

  • Lina
    November 12, 2022 at 11:24 am

    My advice to fellow MBA students is that it’s okay to be confused. It’s okay to not know what you want to do. I had many moments of clarity while I figured out what industry and job role I wanted to pursue. Eventually, things will fall into place. Dr Paolo Aversa offered me excellent advice: an MBA is a tasting menu which gives you a flavour of so many different practices and industries. When you join your industry, you are able to enjoy the full dish.

    I have so many fond memories from the programme. I made friends for life and cherish those relationships. All the travels we did on our international electives and the Achieving Your Potential Week at Sandhurst Military Academy were incredibly valuable experiences.

  • Lisa Sohanpal
    November 12, 2022 at 11:25 am

    The quality of teaching was fantastic and the international electives in Argentina and China were absolutely amazing. I went on the consultancy programme with Rio Tinto in a field I wasn’t familiar with – mining. Regardless, I was able to apply a lot of the learning, which made me realise how transferable EMBA skills are.

    It was very enlightening to learn all the facets of business. Unfortunately, I couldn’t apply my learning to my role at the time. However, having an EMBA from a highly credible institution on my CV carried weight – and I made sure that they knew about it in interviews! Within six months of starting the EMBA, I had changed jobs and tripled my salary – so I achieved my goal, fast.

    I became an international director for a leading medical device company, managing 47 countries, so I was able to use a lot of the learning from the EMBA and apply it within my work.

    It made me realise that it doesn’t matter which industry you go to, you can apply your EMBA learning and skills set. That’s why, some years later, I did not hesitate to change industry again when I became co-founder and CEO of Nom Noms World Food.

    Professionally, the EMBA has had a huge impact, I’m a lot more confident in my approach and decision making. I know what I want, and the EMBA has given me the confidence to go for it and take Nom Noms World Food from strength to strength. We’ve launched in the UK and we’re also going global sooner than we expected. We’ve been selected as part of the TERRA growth accelerator programme, collaborating with big corporates like Nestlé, on a pilot project based in the US. The MBA has not only allowed me to fulfil my initial goals, but given me the confidence and skills to go even further.

  • Manuel Duboe
    November 12, 2022 at 11:26 am

    When I started my Executive MBA, I was working as a Creative Director for a design and advertising agency in London. However, my working and studying schedules weren’t aligning so I decided to freelance for a few months. Soon after I decided to start my own business and the timing was perfect as I could apply the theories learnt in class to the reality of building a business from scratch.

    I love and thrive in most academic environments and I believe that it is important to stay active by learning and challenging yourself. When deciding upon Cass, I saw that they provided everything I needed from both a facility and faculty perspective. As my background was in creativity and design, I also wanted to attend a school with its strengths in finance and business so that I could round out my skill set.

    Another deciding factor was being the recipient of the Cass Dean’s Scholarship. This not only helped me financially, but also strengthened my already positive impression of Cass. They understood the value of somebody with a unique profile and industry experience could bring to the cohort. I am deeply grateful that Cass gave me the opportunity to undertake the Executive MBA.

    While the core modules allowed me to learn skills in areas I had no previous experience such as finance, I knew those modules would not dictate my career path. As I had recently started my own business, the entrepreneurship electives influenced me the most. In particular, I enjoyed New Venture Creation and being able to hear entrepreneurial guest speakers share their challenges and successes.

    My International Consultancy project was for a creative agency in my hometown of Buenos Aires. It could not have been a better match as I could relate to their issues and doubts, many of which I had thought about prior to starting the EMBA. During the project, I was able to apply the theory directly to the agency and it helped me to crystalise the knowledge gained in class.

    I used my Business Mastery Project as an opportunity to create a business plan for a real project, which my company was trying to launch. It forced me to consider certain elements that I had not previously addressed. While we did not end up launching, having an opportunity to combine business theories and building a solid plan with world-leading faculty was an amazing experience.

    By virtue of being at Cass, I was able to expand my professional network substantially. After graduation, I had close business contacts and prospective clients at firms ranging from pharmaceuticals to finance. I tapped into a handful of these contacts for my business ventures which has added value to my experience at Cass.

    I recently started my own design and creative communications consultancy, Finally. Last year, I wrote and launched a book about how to turn ideas into reality, be it starting up a new venture or moving forward with change, called “Enough Talk! Just Do”.

    The Executive MBA gave me a lot of confidence, business acumen and focus. Especially for someone that knew very little about business, it made me realise that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

  • Dr Maurizio Bragagni
    November 12, 2022 at 11:27 am

    Before embarking on the Cass Modular Executive MBA, I was – and still am – CEO and chair of Tratos Ltd, a global cable manufacturer. The company has manufacturing facilities in the UK and Italy, and offices worldwide.

    At the age of 40, I decided to make up for lost time and undertook the MEMBA. My fellow students were a big part of my desire to study at Cass. They were able to unlock for me some of the ‘softer’ elements of working within British business, while the programme itself opened me up to the benefits of thinking differently and developing new skills.

    As a newly appointed CEO, I wanted to gain insights into ways to improve the business and felt that external input from studying at this level was the best way to put the correct systems in place. I have no doubt that the Cass MEMBA delivered for me.

    When I arrived at Cass, I was impressed as much by the calibre of the people I was sharing the learning experience with as by those providing the content. I enjoyed it immensely. It’s difficult to make time for something like this when you’re the head of a global business, but it was time well invested. The intense periods of study were enjoyable because it was a fascinating subject, and the level of scrutiny was not particularly at odds with my everyday working life. I made some friends, I had my horizons expanded and I am now investing that learning in the further development of my business.

    I have always been fascinated by the process of innovation and how it can be applied not only to the tools we use, but also in the way we think and manage. I felt that innovation had a real value, and I was interested in defining it – and harnessing it – both for my own business and for the causes I support outside of the corporate world.

    As part of the Business Mastery Project, I carried out a survey employed by Rao Jay and Weintraub Joseph – “How Innovative Is Your Company’s Culture?” – with Tratos employees. It was enlightening to gain a deeper understanding of what our people think, and the project uncovered some surprises – good and bad. This proved to be an influential piece of work for the business.

    During this time, I made massive changes in several areas of the business, including production, management, purchasing and IT systems. I particularly tried to transform the culture of the company. In doing so, I realised that initiating a change on this scale would require a significant programme of training and development.

    The MEMBA helped me to understand that investing in a ‘culture of innovation’ for the business would mean looking beyond a standard customer-driven model of product development to what our customers’ next wave of challenges will be, and how we can future-proof them. Looking back, I would say that my Cass experience equipped me with an informed bravery, which I would describe as the courage to experiment, thanks to the foundations provided by the MEMBA.

    I went into the programme with the full intention of applying my newly acquired understanding in the real world. Indeed, my time at Cass resulted in the Tratos Academy – a CPD initiative with huge benefits for customers, as well as for the business.

    The MEMBA has helped me to build a better business in terms of the way we engage with our people, our customers and our suppliers. It has inspired more confidence in decision-making and building stronger strategies. My role hasn’t changed, but the way I work within it most certainly has.

  • Mehdi El Azhari
    November 12, 2022 at 11:28 am

    When you come back to school after years of working, you need to learn and relearn skills that will be crucial for your career. For me, that was learning more about the digital landscape today. I studied the concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in my MBA.

    I learned many new ways of thinking or doing things. I particularly enjoyed the Organisational Behaviour module. The theory was quite new for me and Professor Laura Empson is an excellent lecturer.

    The Strategy module gave me some great insights; I was incredibly inspired by Federico Minolli, the former CEO of Ducatti, who drove the transformation of the company from a motorbike manufacturer to an entertainment company using an ambitious ‘human touch’ management approach.

    In my role as CEO today, I always keep in mind the HR lectures of Professor Nick Bacon. He taught us how high commitment management outperforms any other management technique.

    The international elective in San Francisco was absolutely out of this world— the vibe there is unbelievable. We met the COO of Imperfect Produce and listened to a keynote from the incubator/accelerator Vault, an early investor in Oculus which was acquired by Facebook. I made some great career contacts through these modules and I’ve kept in touch with all of them.

    The Full-time programme taught me where my priorities and strengths lie. During our professional development week at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, our leadership was relentlessly tested. On another module, our professional coach Nadia Marchant reinforced the concept that you will perform best when you are doing what energises you. This was a clear “aha!” moment for me. I was doing well in consulting, but it was not energising me. I have always had a pointed interest in digital. I love how fast everything moves in this field. We no longer talk about digital disruption because digital is so integral to our day-to-day environment.

    It was a funny moment to look back at what I wrote in my application for Cass. I had a clear idea of what I wanted, which was to launch my own firm. Instead of launching a consulting firm as I had planned, I launched HYPER CRUNCH, which is a next-gen marketing platform that combines social media, online reviews & email marketing to help businesses build meaningful digital presences.

    I used the Business Mastery Project to write a business plan for HYPER CRUNCH. Doing so helped me think outside the box, plan my next steps and figure out whether my platform idea was scalable or not. On paper, it’s much easier to see what’s lacking and to refine your product.

    As someone who comes from consulting, I was quite risk averse. While launching, scaling up and getting new clients, I was also applying for jobs as a back-up plan. Throughout this process, the Careers and Professional Development team was expertly coaching me and teaching me to tailor my applications. I was offered the role of Head of Digital for a French consulting firm reporting to the CEO in September after handing in my Business Mastery Project but decided to go ahead and launch my venture instead. The bet was a winning one because almost a year after, we serve clients in seven countries, 20+ industries and are looking to scale to seven more countries this upcoming year.

    Cass was a fantastic experience. Studying an MBA in a thriving environment opened my eyes and my mind to so many things. Studying the Full-time MBA at Cass is one of the best decisions of my career and my life.

  • Naina Bhargava
    November 12, 2022 at 11:52 am

    To anyone considering studying the Full-time MBA, I would say to go for it! It was hands down one of the best years of my life. Stay open-minded to learn as much as you can. Be adaptable and ready to run with the pace of the MBA.

  • Nefeli Agkyridou
    November 12, 2022 at 11:53 am

    The learning experience was refreshing. If you have no previous experience of a particular subject, it isn’t a problem. Everything is presented in an easy-to-understand and practical way – I still apply a lot of the learning in my work today.

    During the programme, I completed a number of electives around innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as digital strategy. Cass presented the opportunity to experience the business environment in Silicon Valley, South Africa and China. The Silicon Valley elective, in particular, was very valuable, as I learnt more about digital business models, a piece of knowledge that I am applying in my current role.

    The International Consultancy week in Vietnam at the end of the first year provided a chance to get to know my group better and discover their different learning styles and approaches to problem solving. There was also the opportunity to explore different career paths. Even though I didn’t pursue them all, I now know what is out there.
    My Business Mastery Project was related to my current job at Star Channel and served as a showcase of my learning to my employer, which helped secure my promotion within the organisation.

    After completing the Modular EMBA, I was offered a more executive role, as Director of Online Media at Star Channel in Athens. I really enjoy my new position, as I am responsible for developing strategy as well as directing the daily operations.

    Looking back now, I know that the move to Greece and advancement in my career was directly because of the Cass Modular EMBA.

  • Rafael Silvestre
    November 12, 2022 at 11:54 am

    The MBA at Bayes had a meaningful and noticeable impact in a number of areas. It expanded important soft skills such as leadership, communication and especially team work. It also exposed me to a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds (like I had never experienced before). Projects such as Integration Week, the Strategy Project and the Consultancy Week, in which we had to learn to compromise and work with colleagues in an intense and very short period, better prepared me for roles that required resilience, collaboration and the ability to influence.

    The MBA showed me the power of networking and it also gave me invaluable lessons about building a CV to maximise effectiveness of applications and vital frameworks to prepare for interviews – not to mention the coaching preparation for such interviews. All these lessons I will take with me long after the end of the MBA.

    As for my current role, I work with Climate Change and Sustainability and my activities can range from assessing companies’ Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and then creating a strategy and roadmap to help them achieve their net zero ambitions to quantitative scenario analysis in which I help clients understand how climate change is already disrupting their businesses and what role it will play in the future – from both a risk and opportunity standpoint.

    What were your highlights from studying at Bayes Business School?
    Hands down, the people. The cohort was so culturally diverse with such different professional experiences that it created this melting pot of learning and sharing professional and life experiences. The pairing of the groups in which people with different skills would comprise the different groups helped the process immensely. The connections we made during the MBA, especially during such difficult times, will probably last a lifetime.

  • Robert Hales
    November 12, 2022 at 11:55 am

    The EMBA was very demanding on top of work, particularly as I combined the first year of the programme with a new role, relocating my home and my first child arriving!

    You need to develop really strong routines and keep on top of the work, particularly as you head towards exam times when you need to clear away the coursework to focus on the exams.

    The balance of work also varied between modules, depending on the level of teamwork involved in the module. This can’t be underestimated – the challenge of quickly forming a team of strong characters, with no natural hierarchy and all working around demanding careers and home lives.

    However, it was also among the most rewarding elements of the EMBA, when those teams came together to deliver a great output and learn from each other.

    I chose a Business Mastery Project (BMP) based on post-merger integration. I had worked in mergers and acquisition as a strategy consultant and had been involved in post-merger integration in industry, so I wanted to broaden out this experience.

    I was very fortunate to be supervised by a professor who combined deep practitioner experience from his career in investment banking with a reputation as a leading academic in this field.

    It was a valuable opportunity to dive deeper into a subject and I have returned to the BMP several times as a guide when developing merger and acquisition projects since completing the EMBA.

    I didn’t give much focus to the Professional Development offer when I was selecting Bayes for my EMBA, but it turned out to be one of the most valuable elements of the programme.

    I would strongly encourage you to make the most of this offer and listen to the feedback of your cohort and others about which workshops are most useful.

    For me, the negotiation skills workshop was excellent, offering a structured environment to develop and practice skills, and a set of practical tools that I still reference when preparing for important negotiations.
    The EMBA gave me a springboard to take the next step in my career as I moved into a general management role during the programme and took on a profit and loss owning role immediately after completing the EMBA.

    While I stayed within the same industry and with the same company, it helped me to achieve the career transition of moving from a ‘HQ’ strategy role into leading a business.

  • Royce Yakuppur Yahya
    November 12, 2022 at 11:56 am

    Before I joined the Cass Full-time MBA, I was working as a Senior Creative Consultant for the Qualitative department of Futurebright, a market research agency in Istanbul.

    I chose Cass because it offered a one-year programme and I didn’t want to take a longer break from my professional life. I was intrigued by the range of international project locations offered by the MBA, and being based in the City of London was also a big plus.

    When I arrived at Cass, it was like walking into the offices of a multinational company and I immediately noticed the professional atmosphere. The programme itself exceeded my expectations, as it was both rigorous and enjoyable. Though the curriculum was relevant to my professional experience, studying again after some time in employment provided a refreshing change of perspective.

    For the International Consultancy Week, my group worked with Unicef in Iceland, and our client was extremely happy with our ideas and presentation. Becoming comfortable with the unique dynamics of working in different teams and presenting to a major organisation was a really positive experience. It was also valuable to be working in a sector that was quite different to the research-intensive marketing environment I was used to.

    Looking back, the Business Mastery Project was the most significant feature of my Cass experience because it’s the reason I am where I am today. I had the opportunity to choose from two projects. The first, for GSK, promised a six-month internship immediately after the BMP. While the company was a household name and I thought the internship might lead to a job, I realised that it wasn’t where I wanted to be.

    Although I had arrived at Cass with every intention of returning to Futurebright after graduation, the MBA encouraged me from day one to think deeply about my future. Within the first couple of weeks I knew that I wanted to switch from the agency side of marketing to the client side, and I set my sights one of the world’s largest FMCG outfits.

    When I shared my ambitions with my BMP supervisor, he said that a project with the Marketing Society would give me the professional connections I would need to get my foot in the door of a big FMCG company. So I turned down the ‘safe’ option and committed myself to delivering a project that would one day land me the role I desired.

    I networked using the contacts I made during my BMP, which led me to interviewing and presenting my findings to a Vice President at Unilever. I had singled him out from a list of 20 project judges, turning down a phone interview and insisting on a face-to-face meeting, as I wanted to see the company and glean as many insights as possible during my visit.

    As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy. Without self-belief, persistence and the confidence instilled by the Cass MBA, I might have given up. But I really believed that I deserved the opportunity to impress my potential employer, and now I work in Consumer Market Insight for Unilever.

    I will continue to acquire knowledge throughout my career, but I will carry the soft skills gained on the Cass MBA with me for the rest of my life.

  • Sheena Ciminski
    November 12, 2022 at 12:25 pm

    Prior to my MBA I oversaw design and production operations at BCBG Max Azria, a contemporary womenswear company in Los Angeles. I knew I wanted to do an MBA as I was interested in moving into a strategic role. Cass’s strong emphasis on strategy with multiple modules and projects was key in helping me achieve that goal.

    The Cass Full-time MBA programme appealed to me for several reasons. I initially began looking at MBAs in the UK because the schools offered one-year programmes, as opposed to two-year programmes, which is the standard in the US. What drew me to Cass was that it offered a solid generalist curriculum with a diverse range of electives to choose. They also had an impressive list of international elective opportunities.

    The MBA programme began with induction week that did a great job preparing me for the busy year ahead. The Careers and Professional Development team were active from day one, getting me to start thinking about what I wanted to do after the MBA and what steps to start taking to achieve it. I really appreciated the emphasis on career planning at the beginning of the MBA because the year goes by extremely fast.

    I had the opportunity to attend the Israel and Palestine international elective and it was the highlight of my MBA. The focus was on innovation and entrepreneurship in the region and I was able to meet with entrepreneurs, VC’s and accelerator programs. I was able to have meaningful discussions with people that I would not been able to if I had travelled there on my own.

    The Careers and Professional Development team are an important asset to take advantage of during the MBA. They offer a range of workshops over the duration of the programme, ranging from CV reviews and practice interviews to public speaking and networking strategies. They provide a wealth of resources both in person and online that you continue to have access to after graduation.

    My cohort of just over seventy people were incredibly diverse, both in terms of nationalities represented and industries people had previously worked in. I had the opportunity to work closely with many of my classmates through our group projects and I developed relationships that greatly strengthened my professional network. Since graduating, they have been an incredible resource and I have been able to discuss business and career subjects among peers.

    My Business Mastery Project was key in helping me achieve the MBA ‘triple jump’ into a new city, industry and job function. I worked with a digital media company to understand how business models were evolving in the industry. I had the opportunity to combine what I had learnt across the MBA and apply it in real life. I was able to secure a job at the company based on the work I completed for my BMP.

    Technology continues to change how industries operate and you must take a broader view to allow yourself to think strategically about being more agile and take advantage of change. The Cass MBA is designed to help you tackle these kinds of challenges and prepare you for an ever-evolving business environment.

  • Vishal Verma
    November 12, 2022 at 12:26 pm

    To achieve my career plan, I was looking for a one-year MBA programme that would allow me to explore every aspect of marketing, finance, operations and strategy. The Business School covered all those areas. In addition, due to its location in the centre of London, close to the biggest companies in the world, I knew this would maximise my career opportunities.

    Surrounded by the smartest candidates from so many industries, I soon gained valuable insights from their various backgrounds and expertise. I felt that if I couldn’t achieve success here, I wouldn’t achieve it anywhere!

    As I wanted to pursue a career in operations and strategy, the MBA allowed me to explore the knowledge I needed in depth, with excellent modules on operations, strategy and marketing.

    Though I already had a very definite career path mapped out, the Careers Team were exceptional at enabling me to make it a reality. They helped me to polish my communications skills, improve my CV, broaden my network and motivate me during my job search. Their guidance was pivotal in helping me to land my dream job.

    The Business Mastery Project (BMP) was also a great opportunity to explore how to digitally transform maritime transportation. It allowed me to research and gain the insights on digitization and automation that helped me with my career transition.

    When it came to job hunting, The Business School alumni was invaluable. I was able to connect with an alumnus that was working at Amazon. They were kind enough to offer advice, look at my profile and give me mock interviews. This, combined with advice from the Careers Team and my BMP research, enabled me to get a response from Amazon and secure my dream role.

    What impact has the programme had on your career development?
    The MBA helped me to make my career transition. It enabled me to acquire the knowledge I need in finance, strategy and operational aspects, as well as provided me with the motivation and confidence to pursue my dream. Today, I’m Program Manager at Amazon. I’m involved in sea transportation operations, managing communication with carriers, and overseeing security and loss prevention.

    Without the MBA, this would not have happened. It has been a pivot point in my professional life. I owe my success to it and it helped me to achieve my ambition.

  • Shelley Doorey-Williams
    November 12, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    am a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and also part of their Social Entrepreneurs network. They hosted an event at Cass one evening and as I walked through the doors of Cass Business School I was swept away by the energy, dynamism and enthusiasm of everyone there. I had already started to research MBA courses at the best business schools and therefore knew of the excellent reputation that Cass had. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to join Cass and be part of this outstanding institution.

    I am a chartered secretary by profession and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators. For around a decade, I worked in numerous roles in a broad range of industries, from food retail to broadcast media. I started my own business in 2000, managing and communicating employee share plans, having spotted a gap in the market. I sold that business in 2006 and am privileged to have been with UBS for the past eight years, having held various roles in both London and New York. I was promoted shortly after completing the Executive MBA and am currently Head of Wealth Planning and Sales Management UK.

    The experience at Cass far exceeded anything I could have expected.The most memorable elements of my Cass experience were the richness of the teaching, the closeness of the connection I built with my cohort and others at the business school and the adrenaline of completing group assignments. You are operating alongside other like-minded individuals who are all enthusiastic and want to get the most from the course, so there is a shared ambition and drive.

    I selected the Modular Executive MBA for two main reasons. The first was a practical one, given I was already working long hours and travelled internationally for business, the weekends were more feasible. The second being that I believed that the Modular option would give me a greater opportunity to get to know my cohort better and also to meet people from other countries. I was extremely pleased to have chosen this option, as both the practicalities and ability to build stronger relationships held true.

    Being able to study over a long weekend per month gave me the flexibility to work full-time yet acquire new business skills, knowledge and expertise . Many of my peers commuted from Europe and even further afield, I felt the diversity of the cohort really added to my learning and the overall experience.

    The international dimension was particularly important in my decision to do an MBA and during the programme I visited China, Vietnam and Las Vegas. These trips were vastly different; China was an International Symposium where we heard from business leaders and professionals about conducting business in China, during our Vietnam visit we worked on a consultancy basis with a start-up business in Hanoi and in Las Vegas we conducted a strategic marketing review of a major hotel and leisure business. The commonality of the trips was the ability to put some of what we had learnt in our existing careers and in the lecture rooms at Cass, into practice. The opportunity to meet and work with such a varied group of amazing people, from the high-quality lecturers, to the business people we met on International trips and of course, my fellow MEMBAs. It was hard work, took great commitment and sacrifice, but if I had to do it again – without a doubt, I would.

  • Shiba Rizvi
    November 12, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    Post-programme my objective was to move into consulting and I reached out to some local organisations, Deloitte was one of them. The support I received from the Careers Team was significant. The team helped me prepare for my application with mock interviews, gave feedback on my presentation skills and my CV – all of which helped with my success at Deloitte.

    Soon after completing the MBA, I secured a position at Deloitte as a Senior Consultant working in organisational transformation. I was able to achieve a visa sponsored by Deloitte to work in the UK – so it was a great opportunity to start my consulting career in London.

    The programme at Cass provided an excellent platform to achieve my aspiration of working in London in the field of consulting. It allowed me to shift away from HR strategy and gave me the knowledge, confidence and skills I needed to make this transition in a new country.

  • Simonetta Harding
    November 12, 2022 at 12:28 pm

    Before the EMBA, I used to experience classic ‘female imposter’ syndrome, always worrying that I was not good enough. Now, after going through the programme, I know I’m good enough and it gave me the confidence I needed.

    When I finished the programme, I felt a huge sense of achievement. It fundamentally challenges me at all levels, but it was worth it. Without it, I would not be where I am now.

    I was headhunted for a corporate strategy role within five months of graduating. I doubt I would have made it through the interview process without the knowledge I gained through the EMBA. Now, I’m a Corporate Strategy Manager at Schroders. Professionally, that was exactly the jump that I needed and wanted to make.

    I experienced such personal growth during my time at Cass and gained a huge sense of achievement and confidence. If you can accomplish the EMBA, you can accomplish anything!

  • Soraya Sobh
    November 12, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    Outside of the people, there were two standout moments from the EMBA. One was the professional development weekend, towards the end of the first year. It is so rare to get an opportunity to spend two days focused on your own personal career development, that it made that weekend invaluable.

    The second, was the international consulting week in Colombia. What a fantastic experience, the food, the culture, the chance to put our learnings into real-life practice. It was such a once in a lifetime experience.

    From the first term, I found the strategy electives super interesting and I found myself naturally gravitating towards the learning material.

    I believe I have always been quite strategically minded but layering that thinking alongside structured frameworks and processes allowed me to really grow personally and professionally.

    We worked on a lot of complex business models and explored them in ways I wouldn’t have expected.

    Those learnings have also really helped me since graduating by identifying challenges and opportunities quicker and more clearly than before.

    I remember being sat in a leadership meeting and someone was talking about how their business model is so complex and no one has ever done it before and I thought to myself, no one has done it before because it won’t work.

    I could reference a handful of examples of logic behind why we should pivot and simplify the business model to succeed. I never would have had that confidence or knowledge without the EMBA.

    Balancing full-time work and study wasn’t easy, but it’s also not meant to be.

    Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, ultimately it comes down to what you prioritise. I prioritised myself and my education and now that the EMBA has come and gone, I am in a far better position career-wise for having made those decisions.

    Hands down the best career decision I ever made was shifting my focus short-term from career progression to long-term personal development by doing the EMBA.

    The Careers and Professional Development team were supportive, curious, encouraging and available throughout the EMBA. In particular Alexander Cross who deserves a medal!

    Everything from helping me write my CV to mock interviews, they were always around to talk through anything I was thinking and made time when I needed it, they often connected me with people from other parts of the business school and cohorts.

    They were one of the best resources I had available to me from the course.

    A huge part of the benefit in studying at Bayes is the professional network you are able to create.

    The people you meet are people you might never meet in life had you not been sat next to them in class but I have definitely walked away with two close friendships and a handful of people I will know for life.

    I would probably be doing the same job I was when I started had I not completed the EMBA.

    It gave me the confidence to realise that I wasn’t in the right role, but also that I could find a role more suitable for me. That’s pretty exceptional.

  • Steve Duttine
    November 12, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    I worked a lot with the Careers and Professional Development team. They gave support and guidance to help me progress on my journey and find my way. It was exactly the kind of nurturing I needed. They provided a number of mock interview sessions, which were particularly useful, forcing me out of my comfort zone.

    The amount of hands-on time and face-to-face contact you get at Cass is not something you find in many business schools – it really sets the school apart.

    The programme has had an enormous impact on me professionally, I’ve shifted industry and function. I’m now a Director/Head of Business Development at Tribe First, a marketing agency dedicated to crowdfunding.

    The MBA has been crucial in my journey, I’ve come out of it with a completely different outlook and set of skills. I’d highly recommend it – and have recommended it – to anyone wanting to undertake an MBA in order to facilitate a career change.

  • Steven Neerkin
    November 12, 2022 at 12:30 pm

    The EMBA is two years of being constantly taken out of your comfort zone. It’s a lesson in showing you what you are really able to achieve when you look to utilise every minute of your day constructively. The programme has played a significant role in changing how I view everything in my life, both from a business and personal perspective. It educates you in the importance of team work and of being empathetic in the way you deal with others. These are lessons I practice every day in my new role as a Director of the serviced office group Pennine Way along with my other roles as a charitable trustee. The only down side to the programme is that you miss it so much once it is over, however the friendships you make continue long after you have graduated.

  • Vicky Truong
    November 12, 2022 at 12:30 pm

    At the start, I simply saw the MBA as an academic exercise. But as I progressed, my view expanded massively. Just being part of the programme and working with people from different professions and sectors helped me broaden the scope of what was possible for me in terms of career options. Before I started I was thinking of moving into a global commercial strategy role for a big pharma company, but then I found myself considering alternative routes. I’m now a product manager at EY Consulting. I help clients in the life sciences sector manage and navigate large-scale transformations in relation to the design and growth of digital products and solutions. Because of the MBA I’ve been able to go to a huge corporate and now I’m on the verge of a new chapter, moving from EY’s London office to the one in Dubai.

    What advice would you give to others thinking of doing an MBA?
    I’m a big believer in you get back what you put in. That wasn’t obvious to me at the start, but the course gives you so many opportunities to immerse yourself. I’d say get to know your cohort, your Course Director and your lecturers. The network I’ve built up thanks to the MBA continues to be valuable, especially with my upcoming relocation to Dubai, and I’ve made a great group of friends. And make sure you go to the networking events!

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